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Current and Future Projects

Some of the projects planned for the immediate future...of course, these plans could change immediately following the next swap meet! Check often for updates.

Two Bipes-The EAA Bipe was all finished and flying really well until a bad battery pack resulted in some serious damage. It's salvageable but will require major repair. Click on the photo below to view the  construction  diary and the ongoing trials and tribulations of a scale modeler...

EAA Bipe


Pictured below is one of my favorite biplanes, the PJ-295. It's still on my to do list but it keeps getting jumped over by all these other planes.

Click here for more info on PJ models

Click here for info on the fullscale PJ260/295 family of homebuilts


"Big" Ed Mahler's fullscale prototype of the PJ-295, one of the most beautiful biplanes ever.

Currently on the table...
Ziroli P-47

I'm currently building the 70" Ziroli P-47 from his plans. It's progressing slowly with no surprises as of yet. Power will be a Quadra-35cc gasoline engine.
I'll be adding photos here as I go-


Fuselage framework


Planking has begun


After planking, fuse is "painted" with lightweight spackle. It'll be mostly sanded off later.


Wing structure begins...


Wing is taking shape after flap and aileron sheeting has been applied.



Retract plumbing, aileron servo wiring and flap bellcrank system.

Hopefully, it'll look something like the photo below when I've finished...


Click on the link below to follow along as I progress-