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Hello!  My name is Greg Reid and I've loved airplanes (among other things) since I was a small child. R/C model building and flying incorporate and encompass a wider variety of these interests into one hobby than any other endeavor that I can think of. It was only natural that I would be drawn to this activity.
I presently fly at Cathy Field with the Fayette Flyers in Fayetteville Georgia, near Atlanta.

I hope to use this site to document current projects and to share plenty of photos illustrating past and present planes in my "hangar". One thing that anyone in this hobby has to learn early is that if you don't fly 'em, they're not airplanes and if you do fly 'em, they're expendable. With that in mind, we tend to take lots of pictures.

What's New...

Click here to view satellite photos of some of our local flying sites


Royal Bearcat

Grumman F8F Bearcat
This example is from the old Royal kit. It's powered by an ASP.91 engine and is covered with Dan Parson's fiberglass cloth. Finish is Aerogloss Corsair Blue. Wingspan is 63 inches.
Flies great but I've got some cooling problems to sort out so I haven't flown it much lately.
Below: Quarter Scale Clipped Wing Taylorcraft from Jim Simpson plans. 80" wing and powered by a converted Maculloch weedeater engine.


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