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Ziroli P-47 Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt construction pics are coming soon. I finally got back to work on it. The wing is completely sheeted, flaps and ailerons are cut out and retractable gear is installed.

Fiberglassing is now done.

Various shots showing the fiberglassing process.


Fiberglassing...Easier than iron on film in many ways but lots more time consuming. Mostly waiting for things to dry, then sanding, filling, sanding, priming and more sanding....The results are worth the effort.
The top photo shows the raw .7oz fiberglass cloth draped over the fuse. The bottom photo shows what the cloth looks like as it's wetted down with the denatured alcohol/epoxy mixture. The solution is merely brushed on and the cloth seems to literally "melt" into the structure. Allowed to dry, it forms a hard, dent resistant finish. The weave of the cloth is then filled  and the surface may be primed and painted.

Wing, minus flaps and ailerons

Engine is a gasoline fueled Quadra 35.  Fits nicely in cowl.



This photo gives a good view of flap actuation and how it's cut out of the wing. Ziroli's method here is a little tricky but with some effort, it makes for a pretty good fit.
 The remaining photos show the plane as of 3/10/03... The fiberglass cloth has been filled with automotive spot glazing putty and sanded. That accounts for the funky reddish tint.  The wing fillets are finished save a little more sanding and shaping. Next will come primer and surface details.
It doesn't look it but there's still plenty of work to do.
Check back in a couple of months, maybe it'll be finished.

flap assembly